All about us here at the Flirty Adults Network and UK Dating website.

About Us

To begin with, our domain name tells you what we are about - Flirty Adults! However there is a lot more going on besides. For example, we are not just one of those bog-standard dating agencies. Although our Free Dating Website looks different to others, it does work and we have an active community too. Indeed, this is what makes Flirty Adults stand out above the rest.

In fact, having tested out quite a few others dating websites, we realise that all is not what it seems. We are sure that those who have come to Flirty Adults from other dating sites will also realise this. In essence, ours differs in that we get results, unlike many others!

As our community grows, then we shall see even better results. This can only happen if our members flirt more often of course. Therefore, we are looking for members who can stimulate others in more ways than one. For example, we need more Flirty Adults to stimulate the conversation. We also need more members who are able to turn on other people by way of flirting. Obviously there are limits but all we ask is that you act responsibly and stay within the law.

Guidelines For All

Of course, we have a few guidelines within our Terms and Conditions to ensure nothing gets out of hand. Indeed, our staff are always available to enforce the guidelines. Obviously, we are a flirting website but there are times when some may go over the top. Therefore, a few rules ensures that we we rid ourselves of those who wish to cause disruption to the community. Obviously, our primary aim, apart from flirting, is to have fun in a safe relaxing atmosphere.

So, now that you know what we are all about here, lets get cracking. Indeed, there are a lot of people to meet and a lot of flirting to do. Finally, we hope you enjoy your time at Flirty Adults. Indeed, why not tell others so we can grow together.

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